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Waxing & Sugaring


Eyebrow Wax $22

Upper lip Wax $13

Chin Wax $13

Full Face Wax $38

Nostril Wax $15

Under Arm Wax $26

Half Arm Wax $28 

Full Arm Wax $40

Bikini Wax $40

French Bikini Wax $49

Brazilian Wax $65+

Half Leg Wax $45

Full Leg Wax $74

Chest Wax $48

Back Wax $52



Under Arm Sugar $34
Half Arm Sugar $42 

Full Arm Sugar $58

Bikini Sugar $50

Half Leg Sugar $52

Full Leg Sugar $80

Chest Sugar $60

Back Sugar $60 

Sugar paste, used for hair removal, was originally developed by the Egyptians many centuries ago. The paste is created in an environment, free from impurities, blending together a recipe of all-natural ingredients. During a sugaring treatment, the hair is removed from the root and the skin is gently exfoliated, leaving the skin with a clean healthy glow. These products are paraben free and are not tested on animals. 

Waxing & Sugaring: Treatments
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