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Relaxation Massage  

Enjoy this calm and nourishing full body relaxation massage designed to effectively melt away stress and tension, encouraging deep relaxation.  

(60 mins) $90

Swedish Massage  

Drift away while enjoying a full body massage with a firmer pressure and long strokes. These movements warm up the muscle tissue, increase blood circulation, easing the tension while stimulating the skin as well as the nervous system to soothe the nerves. Great for reducing both emotional and physical stress.

(60 mins) $100


Hot Stone Massage  

An ancient healing technique using a combination of warmed basalt lava stones and nourishing oils to ground the body and release muscle tension. This treatment helps expel coldness and dampness from the body while alleviating deep-rooted aches, allowing for greater tension release and deeper relaxation without use of intense pressure.

(60 mins) $110


Focus Massage 

A targeted massage specific to the areas of soreness and concern. Customize the massage to your body's specific needs.

(30 mins) $60


Raindrop Therapy

This treatment is designed to bring balance to body and mind. While using specific essential oils along the spine which promotes detoxification, boosts immunity, stress relief and complete relaxation. During this treatment, different techniques are incorporated: massage, reflexology and vita flex.  These essential oils continue working up 8 to 10 days after this treatment. 

(60 min) $115


Add Back Exfoliation and Customized Mask $30

Add Aromatherapy $10 

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